Securely igniting the creativity in every student.

Our mision is to give every student a secure opportunity to succeed.
Every school faces unique challenges. That’s why we crafted a vision for the role of technology in their classrooms. Secure communication between students, teachers, parents and partners — even if they don’t have a Lyoneer account. Create an encrypted guest room in seconds. Send an invitation link and partners can join with a click — nothing to download, no registration required. As part of this planning, we work with school leadership to form a core group of individuals responsible for defining clear and measurable goals.

Bringing The Teacher

We partner with teachers and work hard to earn their trust. Set reminders in advance—they’ll be sent automatically. Send home class photos, homework handouts and other files. Show students and parents the best times to reach you. Add other owners to your class to send announcements and manage settings. See who’s received and read each message you send.

Finding A Way

We take ownership and focus on impact. Get important information from your child’s school when you need it. Choose how you see messages with notifications on your phone, email or computer. If you’re leading a parent organisation, create a group to streamline communication.

Making It Minimal

We make things useful and easy to understand. Real-time messaging for your school, group or just a single person. Send text messages straight to any phone. See who’s read your messages and who’s missing out. Send home photos, PDFs, voice clips and more. Meaningful communication for every student, teacher, and parent

Coming to all popular platforms.